Want better Reaction speed ☄?

We as humans can only get our reactions so quick.

Technically we shouldn’t be able to avoid oncoming high speed punches or kicks.

We can, due to the subtle body ques and mechanic we perceive which gives us a little hint to act upon.

This is generally subconscious and takes a lot of mat time due to what’s called “chunking”.

Chunking is the notion of all this perceptual information we observe being chinked together based on patterns and sequences.

This is embedded over hours and hours of seeing this common biomechanical tendencies in real live sparring situations.

There are numerous studies which support the fact that we can only train our reactions to a certain point.

⚾️ For example for baseball players bating practice in a batting cage does not translate to actual throwing when it comes to reaction speed. Why?

Due to the exact reason we just mentioned, reaction speed is highly correlated to the specific action.

Want to be fast avoiding and reacting in combat?

Don’t waste time with reaction lights and generic reaction speed work, instead work with a live (in the sense of proaction) partner who is giving genuine distance, timing etc because they are actively trying to achieve their own objective.

This is something I try to focus on a lot with those at the higher levels – are both sides active with their own objectives to try and accomplish in this training exercise?

Train smarter, not harder !

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