One extremely important aspect of skill acquisition is perception action coupling.

We should aim to have it present as much as possible in training to get more transfer from practice to performance.

This is even more important in combat where we literally are perceiving lots of information from our opponents.

What is perception action coupling?

Basically it is a link between what we perceive (usually see) and the action (technique or movement).

Training in isolation does not cater for this extremely important aspect of skill development.

Our brains consciously and subconsciously link the movements, actions, situations etc we perceive and associate them with particular actions.

This is the main reason you often find all your drills not coming alive your performance.

Ask yourself is there the same perception present in your training as you expect to perceive when you need to execute this movement.

It links various important aspects of combat also such as timing and distance these are all aspects we perceive and act accordingly upon.

As a simple definition, perception action coupling relates to the fact we cannot escape the information coming to us from the environment.

How we perceive the information surrounding us will always have an effect on our movements.

For better fighters, an improved Perception Action coupling will mean that they are able to produce a more appropriate movement for the task. 

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