Martial ART

Art form is the expression or application of human creative skill & imagination.

We can therefore see why martial arts are so effective as there is no definite way to express creative skill.

There is no perfect technique. As Bruce Lee said, “the highest technique is no technique”.

Everything can work if applied in the correct situation and the correct moment.

To fully reach your Martial ART potential you cannot seek out a “cookie cutter” approach.

You must learn skills which you adapt through trial and error through training and correct skill development.

That’s why Martial Arts training was developed to help everyone regardless of body type or natural abilities to be able to defend themselves.

Uniqueness (often called awkwardness) is invaluable in the art of combat.

It is the person who lacks creativity and their own spice who will soon be found out.

Celebrate uniqueness, nobody can have the exact perfect technique as a particular person and expect it to ever be better.

Find what is useful and what’s your own and discard what fails to work (Bruce Lee again).⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Hence learn principles and concepts and come up with your own art form within your art.

Don’t be the musician who knows all the songs but cannot create their own music. The true gift is the art form, to play with music.

The same is said for any art form including combat. Express your creative skill & imagination.

This naturally requires a playful and experimental approach to developing your art. Train to be an artist!

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