Proactivy – Proaction is something which is quite important especially for those with a counter style.

Personally, I would favour a counter approach generally and it’s how I would have fought for a long time.

One mistake I used to make with this approach is often I would wait and then counter.

This actually takes away any advantages you may have in terms of countering which is generally exposing your opponent when they are vulnerable through good timing.

When you wait for the opponent you lose that advantage of being a step ahead in terms of rythym and timing of the sequence. Proactivty is the key to this.

No matter what your style is, you cannot afford to wait for your opponent. When I mean wait, I refer to just bouncing on the same spot waiting for them to initiate. 

Instead the key is to be proactive with movement, footwork, feints etc. A sitting target is easier to hit for your opponent as well as you not having any rythym advantage on your side to counter effectively.

Focus on being busy even when there is no “action”. You need to balance this well between wasting unnecessary energy and being proactive making things happen, almost bating your opponent to bite when they are most likely the ones waiting.

Try not to spend more than one second on the same mat, be busy, make things happen.

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