Mastery simply, is comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular craft.

Mastery is about you! Exploring your personal journey, based on your intrinsic ambitions.

It gives substance to self value and doing it for you.

Mastery is like gradually gathering up Golden Coins in a video game to cash in for tools & skills to advance to the next level, with the real focus on enriching the journey (the continuous development) as opposed to the destination (the results).
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A positive outcome will then become a by-product of this, but the trick is to fall in love with the coin collecting journey.

This is a single player video game, all about you and your journey! This is about eliminating expectations and beliefs of others that may impede your journey.

This mindset is backed by scientific research to show how this mindset not only improves performance but also your longevity within the sport, and maybe most important of all, your long term emotional state and mental wellbeing.β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €

This mindset is about finding pure joy in learning & growing, all with less stress, resulting in authentic performances when needed.

Would you rather step on the mats consumed with fear, pressure and doubt or with a smile and excited by the opportunity to yet again collect more Golden coins?

Which one will allow you perform better?

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