Padwork is very effective to build confidence and technique in isolation.

However, padwork even at the highest level still fails to hit some essential aspects required to transfer to the ring. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
Padwork can be a great tool to build foundations but the biggest mistake is this isolation training is where 90% of people stay. Then they spar.

There is no bridging the gap. The are actually getting most of their development from the sparring not the padwork.

Padwork is popularised by boxers who use it for conditioning and marketing purposes.

Padwork looks clean and is easy to replicate due to the lack of chaos involved with sparring.

If you think that’s where Floyd Mayweather or any top fighter developed their skills, you have been fooled.

Quite often there is limited (often none) perception action coupling involved.

Fighters must perceive actions and ques based on the opponent and environment in order to act upon.

The perception action coupled in padwork is almost a different sport to sparring itself.

The chunking of information by the brain is picking up on false and inaccurate ques to react to in padwork.

In sparring, we must subconsciously recognise subtle body movements and opportunities which our brain chunks together to form patterns.

Padwork actually gives a false sense of distance, timing, security etc.

This is why we often see a world champ on pads but they fail to put it together in the ring.

The example I always look to is when an ITF fighter works lots of boxing and hand combinations on the pads then goes back to ITF sparring they resort back to half/side facing to be able to kick, and all that padwork done in a boxing stance is pretty much useless.

If it dosent look like what you are preparing for ,then it probably isnt developing it as much as you’d imagine. i.e to develop sparring it should look like sparring.

Two active sides looking to purpose their own objectives, this is more deliberate practice in my opinion.

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