Some the most important factors which contribute to a success are often immeasurable.

This is why we often hear, they have the “x factor”.

Regardless, whether you want to be champion of the world or simply get inner satisfaction from learning and enjoying the sport/martial art, things such as passion, fulfilment, drive etc. are not things we can measure on a scale.

The same goes for those who are trying to be the best Sparring athletes they can be.

Some of the most vital components are those which are not easily meassured ; decision making, distance awareness, timing, mental strength, drive etc.

The saying goes in sport & business, “what gets measured gets improved”…

Yet there are so many vital factors which contribute to success (whatever it means to you) which we can’t really meassure with any accuracy…

The trouble is, things such as sports psychology and other things difficult to meassure get forgotten and left to chance.

As humans we are naturally drawn to things which can be meassured with numbers. For example, Strength & Conditionining.

Of course, this is crucial component to performance, but sometimes because it is measurable, then everything is almost viewed through that one particular lens when we are looking to develop and improve.

Look at the broad picture, then zoom in a little, but don’t forget to zoom back out 

It’s often the “immeasurable” which make the biggest contributions.

Don’t brush these things under the carpet!

Just because they don’t have numbers or graphs associated with them, doesn’t mean you can’t improve or dedicate some time to deeper understanding.

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