Entries & Exits are key!

In Taekwon-Do Sparring where/when we choose to engage and disengage are massive moments in any contest.

Entries are the steps, techniques & movements which get us through the 3 ranges of combat in ITF ; long range, mid range and close range.

Entries are often direct shots and can be great scoring opportunities or worst case scenario lead you into a flow of continuation shots to follow.

Once we are then engaged in a range, where both people have an equal opportunity to fire, the exit out of this engagement is vital. (Not to be confused with travelling exits – leaving the tatami)

Ideally you want to be first in (entry) and last out (exit). Now, last out doesn’t necessarily mean last to throw, but if you safely in clever exit with an angle, a technique etc. your opponent shouldn’t have an opportunity to land the last shot of an exchange.

Some of most successful ITF fights are fantastic at having their feet set and balanced to exit with a technique which not only scores but safely disengages them from  being hit by the opponent.

Entering and exiting on your terms is key! It’s a good idea to have some useful entries and exits in your toolbox!

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