How to get a big advantage over your competition when Sparring in Open Stance in ITF Taekwon-Do.

One battle which is very important particularly in Open Stance is outside foot positioning.

When both sparrers have their front feet in line its 50/50!

However, if one person can get their front foot outside their opponents, they have a major advantage when it comes to punching.

This only really becomes a factor at the close range where punches are in play.

If you can get your front foot to the outside position when in a Side Facing Stance, it really allows you a major advantage in using both hands to punch effectively.

By getting to the outside, your opponent is effectively trapped and is a step behind as they cannot engage both hands.

This only becomes a factor for us in ITF because we are side facing stances to utilise kicks.

This isn’t a factor in Closed Stance as much as Open Stance but still something to be aware of, if you both work off a very straight line.

If you want to be even more certain of having the advantage…… you want to not only get your foot outside of your opponents’ but get it outside the line of their lead hand shoulder.

Keep an eye out for the next time you spar with someone who leads with the opposite leg to you!

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