Is there a difference? Fighting To Win VS Fighting Not To Lose…Absolutely! 💯

Like many pieces of crucial wisdom passed down from generations, this is another which is become somewhat of “cliché”.

However, when we really dig deeper, this particular nugget of wisdom is crucial to you reaching your full potential when it comes to combat sports.

Fighting to win means you are looking to control and dominate the contest.

You may take some risks but your in a challenge mindset looking at the opportunities more than being heled back by fear.

There are numerous sports psychology studies which suggest one of the biggest influences in performing at your best is whether you have a challenge or threat mindset about a performance.

Do you perceive this as the biggest moment ever and if all goes wrong it’s a huge disaster or do you see this as a fantastic opportunity and a positive challenge to display your skills?

Fighting to win, is essentially you unleashing the shackles and going out to cease the opportunity and win the fight.

Fighting not to lose isn’t the same thing necessarily. It implies a more defensive approach.

A threat state. Being more passive. Although you may still win often, it isn’t the way to consistently perform at your best over time.

Am I saying go out gung-ho and not worry about defence absolutely not!!!

It’s more about the mentality and being proactive about ceasing the opportunities instead of being passive and letting the control of the contest up for grabs.

The fighting style you adopt to achieve this is irrelevant.

There are times for both philosophies, but be sure to know there is a big difference.

When it’s time to employ each one is crucial to your success as a competitor.

You ideally want to spend more time fighting to win than fighting not to lose!

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