How to keep your opponent guessing in Taekwon-Do ITF Sparring

Most combat sports developed set rythyms over the years which are considered to be the most efficient for that particular martial arts.

This can be used to opponents advantage and disadvantage.

Be aware of probability of human reactions

eg. if you lean in with your hands low, your opponent will probably swing for your head as opposed to going to the body.

Understanding these probability rules can allow you to set traps and take advantage.

At the same time you need to be unpredictable.

For eg. a jab shouldn’t come from a set position in a set stance always. Your opponents brain is trained to be used to the ordinary.

Unusual technique can often be an advantage. Be comfortable in all types of movement.

Understanding both of these ideas and playing between both, will allow for traps to be set and shots to be scorred, while also being hard to figure out for your opponents.⠀
✔ Set patterns to break patterns.

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