Advanced Side Kick Tips ⬇️⬇️

✅ Hand Placement – Top Side Kickers carry their front hand above the kick to 1️⃣ Get to hands afterwards 2️⃣ Have an extra line of defence if a counter comes.

Think of your front hand as the puppet string to your front leg when it lifts – they must work together!

✅ When to kick short ️ When to shoot long at full extension

✅ Chances are the first kick won’t land but have a 2nd & 3rd shot ready to go.

✅ Boss the tempo and the rhythm before getting to that first side kick attempt of a sequence/combo

✅ Threaten both the body and head off the front leg to keep your opponent guessing

Getting the balance right ⬇️⬇️
✅ Don’t lean too much on the first lift because you won’t be able to carry to contact with any real conviction!✅ Be careful not to be so upright on the kick that your head is so far forward over the kick your opponent has a short distance for a direct counter with hands. 壘

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