Why you’re side kick isn’t scoring ⬇️

“Patience is not about waiting, but keeping a good attitude while waiting” 易

The best in the business, don’t land every Side Kick.

They throw a lot of front leg shots, with patience waiting for the right opportunity.

Most front leg shots won’t land BUT they’re effective.

The biggest thing with the sidekick is to use it to set up future scores.

‼️So the idea isn’t to use one kick to score one shot.

Side kick usually is scored when it is used with other linking techniques. It’s very rare that a solid kick at the top level is scored in isolation.

樂 Now it can be done, but it’s more likely for every 1 Side Kick that lands cleanly, there could be up to 10 front leg techniques thrown.

✅ Be busy off the front leg
✅ Set a pace & intensity with the front leg
✅ Alternate the rhythm to stay unpredictable. 
✅ You need to be changing distances.
✅ You need to be changing the chamber

 So don’t be looking for the one single shot all the time and don’t give up on it when you don’t land the first few.

⚠️You need to be very patient with the side kick and the scores will come off the volume of useful shots and the useful shots is the important point.

Even if a shot doesn’t score they can still be valuable to you because they might gain space, momentum, set up another opening etc.

A shot that don’t land can still be of great value, and not every shot you throw should be expected to land

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