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Purposeful Practice

Don’t waste time with isolated drills once you are even somewhat comfortable with the movement.

If you are high level and using this training to improve, you are mistaken ο‘€

Purposeful Practice is reverse engineered from what the activity looks like as a whole. (Eg Free Sparring)

That means, if your training doesn’t look like the activity your going to be doing, its most likely not going to help as much as you think.

Tip: As soon as you can, ditch isolation training and step by step increase resistance.

βœ… This is real skill development.

ο™„I spent years training combinations and techniques in isolation out of context of a live opponent.

Let me save you a lot of time! Don’t!

Research shows skill development is HIGHLY context dependant.

For me, I could repeat this Blitz drill forever but then in front of training partner in sparring, I was hesitant to pull the trigger (don’t wanna run into a Side Kick ο˜…)

If you drill combos on a pad you’re becoming more skillful at just that, hitting pads.

I wasn’t getting more skilful at pulling off a Blitz in Free Sparring.

βœ… The trick is, work with a real active partner as soon as you can!

Step 1 should be to land this shot in free sparring with lower level training partners (low resistance)

Once that’s easy, step up the resistance with higher level partners until you can pull it off for real against those at your level.

If your objective is to get better at sparring, then live training is the key to real skill development.

Skillful on Pads ο†š Skillful in Sparring, they are very different things!

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