✅ Judges score – Clear – Visible points, that’s what matters most in Sparring

So how do you get clear, visible scores? 樂

➡️ An Unanswered Shot – 
If you land and your opponent doesn’t match the exchange, it’s usually more visible.

➡️ Distance <——->
With 4 corner judges, the most visible scores are often ones at full extension. (Like Blue in this )

➡️ Show More Judges 
Similar to the previous point, shots are usually more visible to more umpires in the centre of the ring as opposed to the corners.

➡️ Clear Differentiation 
Shots the seperate engagement, for example a kick on the exit of a Punching exchange 壘

➡️ Head Kicks ‍♂️
Usually head kicks are more visible than body kicks, because there isn’t as much of a barrier blocking the umpire’ view.

Clear Points Win Bouts!

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