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Role of the Coach

On the first day of pretty much any coach education programme for any sport a question will be asked about the ‘role of the coach’. It’s pretty important! You should probably know what you’re getting yourself into before you unleash your unbridled enthusiasm on the next generation of Taekwon-Do...

Advanced Side Kick Tips For ITF Sparring

Advanced Side Kick Tips ⬇️⬇️ ✅ Hand Placement - Top Side Kickers carry their front hand above the kick to 1️⃣ Get to hands afterwards 2️⃣ Have an extra line of defence if a counter comes. Think of your front hand as the puppet string to your front leg when it lifts - they must work together! ✅...

Why missing with a technique may not always be a bad thing!

Not all shots are for scoring points ‼️ Here are some other reasons ⬇️⬇️✅ Sometimes a technique is blocked or doesn't score but it may stop an oncoming opponent gaining momentum and driving you back! ✅ Certain techniques thrown well like in this picture may not land but can make your opponent...

How to win Side Kick Battle in Sparring

Want to get on top with your Side Kick ✅ Here are 3 tips ⬇️⬇️ ⭐ Don't lean when carrying to contact, you'll see in this picture the Red 🔴 Competitor has taller posture which helps being on top 💪 ⭐ Be first! Whoever is quickest on the draw is more likely to get their leg on top in a front leg...

How to build Self Belief/Confidence

To take to the battlefield with confidence you must possess the belief you can succeed. This belief must be truly authentic and cannot be fabricated. However, any belief which holds truth to the person holding it, whether true or false, is extremely powerful!...

Our team

Our team brings a wealth of diverse experience and boundless enthusiasm to make sure you’re never again short of an idea to make your training sessions engaging, effective and exciting.

Adrian byrne

VI Dan ITF Taekwon-Do

Coach to Shannon TKD Team since 1998.

Coach Developer and Assessor with the Irish Martial Arts Commission.

Coach Education Consultant with Sport Ireland

Ireland Head Coach 2012-2017

richie forde

V Dan ITF Taekwon-Do

Coach of East Cork Taekwon-Do

World and European Medallist

National Team Competitor since 2007

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