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Sparring Champions Do This Really Well!!

✅ Judges score - Clear - Visible points, that's what matters most in Sparring So how do you get clear, visible scores? 樂 ➡️ An Unanswered Shot - If you land and your opponent doesn't match the exchange, it's usually more visible. ➡️ Distance <------->With 4 corner judges, the most visible...

Wait, there’s a better way 🤔

STOP Don't do this.. here's why ⬇️ Purposeful Practice Don't waste time with isolated drills once you are even somewhat comfortable with the movement. If you are high level and using this training to improve, you are mistaken  Purposeful Practice is reverse engineered from what the activity looks...

How to get better FASTER

How to get better at Taekwon-Do FASTER ⬇️⬇️✅ Gather Ammunition & Lessons📝Track after each session1 What went well2 What you learned 3 What you could do better 4 Your main focus for the next session.This gives a structure to you're development and a record to reflect on and hold you accountable...

Are you missing Side Kicks 👀

Why you're side kick isn't scoring ⬇️ "Patience is not about waiting, but keeping a good attitude while waiting" 易 The best in the business, don't land every Side Kick. They throw a lot of front leg shots, with patience waiting for the right opportunity. Most front leg shots won't land BUT...

Where Extra Points are Scored in ITF Sparring 👀

⚠️ What's your Exit Strategy? A lot of scores are the recent ITF European Championships developed from what came after a punching exchange 🥊 You can see from here the ➡️space⬅️ between Competitors is a major factor to the options available 👀 Another important factors include:📍Momentum📍Stance/Body...

Our team

Our team brings a wealth of diverse experience and boundless enthusiasm to make sure you’re never again short of an idea to make your training sessions engaging, effective and exciting.

Adrian byrne

VI Dan ITF Taekwon-Do

Coach to Shannon TKD Team since 1998.

Coach Developer and Assessor with the Irish Martial Arts Commission.

Coach Education Consultant with Sport Ireland

Ireland Head Coach 2012-2017

richie forde

V Dan ITF Taekwon-Do

Coach of East Cork Taekwon-Do

World and European Medallist

National Team Competitor since 2007

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