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We are very excited to announce our Academy Members Group 🙌

Want to Level Up your Sparring? 

Now you can become part of our Academy and see exactly how we train for Sparring🥊

🔥 Join our Members Group 🔥

Academy Members Perks: 

✅ Weekly Training Video Plan to apply lessons from each week’s Fight Chat Friday episode 

Behind the scenes of how we train our own students

✅ You get to control the topics we cover, solve your specific problems!

✅ Members Only Group Q & A — Get help with the problems your facing in your Taekwon-Do!

& More

Self Guided Training Isn’t Easy!

Looking for the secrets to success?

Doubting if your training is the right way?

I’ve been there!

With Our Academy It’s Like Having A Coach In Your Pocket. 

A Clear System To Follow Weekly To Ensure Your Sparring Becomes Next Level!


What to expect:

– Progress faster than ever ✅

– Find new Joy & Motivation in TKD again 

– Learn Conceptually to figure out the solutions that help you overcome all of your current struggles

– Become a great problem solver who can rely on themselves

– Feel confident in your abilities & reach your goals on the mat, in competition, and in life

We are excited to share our training system with you 屢

You’ll have all the tools to continually develop yourself, at a much faster rate.

Learning things in months, that normally takes people years!

This is for you if:

– You want to become a more efficient Sparring athlete/practitioner

– You struggle with the traditional way of learning Sparring

– You struggle applying what you’ve learnt in class into live free sparring

– You want to use your mind as much as possible, use trial and error and become a great problem solver

– You want to understand Sparring on a fundamental, conceptual level to help you progress much faster

– You desire personal, quality coaching while surrounded by like-minded people

No matter if:

– You’re a white or yellow belt wanting to shave off years on your journey to evolve through the belts

– You’re a coach looking to get better

– You’re a competitor wanting to improve your competition results/experience

– You’re a beginner looking to learn THE RIGHT WAY from start

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